Monday, June 6, 2016

Adopt or Sponsor Kermit!!

Kermit is a 3 year old male, but he acts much older. He arrived at our house along with a companion, Shadow. Shadow was a younger male, who has since been adopted.

Kermit was more timid than Shadow. Even though we had been told Kermit was a healthy cat by the party surrendering him, it was obvious he had health issues. His gums were greatly swollen and he had a sore on his tongue. He was missing hair on his ear and paws.

After contacting TAAR, I was able to get him I to our local vet.  They felt he had allergies, and requested his prior records. He had been treated for this condition before.  Initially he was given a steroid injection.  It helped at first, but the swelling returned. At the follow up visit he was given Atopica. It is a liquid medication that must be given to him daily. He really doesn't like it! I've tried giving it to him straight, mixing it in food... yeah, he's too smart for that. 

Lately, I've found the best way to give it to him is if I wrap him in a towel. Then he rockets away from me. He is mad for a few minutes, but then he returns. Atopic helped with the allergies, but caused diarrhea. Ugh! That was treated with probiotics. It has helped some, but he still suffers from loose stools. The allergies have flared up a little with spring. We arrived continuing treatment bit will return for a recheck soon. The hair hasn't returned on his ear. But- it isn't scratched up and bleeding. Occasionally I catch him scratching.  

Kermit was very reserved when he arrived. He wanted no interaction with other cats or dogs and limited contact with humans. He would attack if touched on the hind quarters or tail.  He had a difficult time eating because of his issues. We tried numerous foods. In the end he eats small dry food and things such as chicken and roast easiest.  Over months of handling and feeding, he has started to warm up. Mostly to me. Occasionally he will sit with someone else.  He likes to rub his head on my face in the middle of the night and curl up next to me.  
He also lays on the back of the couch and touches me on the head with his paw.  When I come home for lunch each day, he is laying on the sofa with his head on a pillow. Kermit still growls at the dogs if they get to close and doesn't spend a lot of time with the other cats.  I am able to pet him on his tail and hind quarters. No one else is brave enough to try. 

Kermit will continue to need long term care. Possibly new treatments. Someone once asked about his quality of life. I believe he is enjoying life. If treatment hadn't worked, his quality of life would be poor. He still has good days and bad, but he gets up each day. He still wants to cuddle when the alarm clock goes off. This is a huge difference from when he arrived. 

If someone wanted to adopt him, it would be a large commitment. Until that day we will continue to care for him. He really does grow on you!

If you are interested in providing the special home that Kermit needs and wish to adopt Kermit, please contact TAAR.  Kermit could really use some sponsors to pay for his medical care too.  Please consider making a donation to help us all continue to carry out our mission of helping cats like Kermit.  

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