Sunday, June 5, 2016

Introducing Mickey!

Introducing Mickey!! Mickey is a male mini aussie who came to TAAR as an owner surrender 2 years ago. Mickey was a retired breeding dog and his years in a mill have taken a toll on him physically and mentally. When he first came here we couldn't touch him without him urinating/defecating all over himself. We tried working on leashing him (that was a BIG failure) and tried different techniques to socialize him. Ultimately what has worked is that we just let Mickey be himself! Gradually he got used to us being around and he seems to enjoy our company now (even though he's not sure if he likes being pet, he doesn't have accidents anymore when we pet him and he even closes his eyes and seems to enjoy being brushed or scratched behind the ears). He follows his foster dad around the yard and loves being around the other dogs. Progress is slow but we know he's happy now and that's all that matters! Mickey recently had a dental cleaning because his teeth were so awful and hurting him. He had a few pulled and now they are pearly white.

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