Saturday, May 7, 2016

Meet Olive!

Olive came to us from Ohio. She was on death row at an overcrowded shelter there and we decided we'd take her as a hospice case and let her live out her final days in peace. She came to us as close to death as we've ever seen a dog: you could see every bone in her body and had horrible anemia from fleas and parasites. We found out she is diabetic and left untreated for so long that is what damaged her eyes beyond repair and caused her extreme weight loss. Conveniently her foster dad is also diabetic so she was in good hands for her recovery! Even though she is completely blind she has recovered (with daily insulin injections) and is doing amazingly well. She loves to hang out with the big dogs and considers it her duty to patrol the cats at her foster home. She is such a funny and amazing dog. She would love sponsorship for her medications and food. Please go to the Donate page  to see how you can help!

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