Thursday, June 9, 2016

Introducing Bella!

Our new arrival, Bella, did great meeting kids and strangers at her foster home. Bella is sweet and gentle and we're so happy to have her in rescue. Her previous owner decided rescue was the best option for her and thank goodness! We've had calls come in from people that wanted to adopt her, but changed their mind when we explained that all of our pets are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. They were only interested in her for breeding purposes 😔

This is why we beg people to check into who they plan to rehome their dogs to and always ask a rehoming fee & call the interested person's vet (if they have had pets before a quick call to vet can tell you how well they care for their pets). As a rescue we are here to help citizens as much as we can: if we can't take your unwanted pet we will try to help you coordinate with other rescues that possibly have room. Feel free to contact us with questions because all we want is to ensure your pet's safety and with dog baiting, dog fighting, backyard breeders, and cruel people all around free ads can be truly dangerous for your pet.

Bella will be fully vetted and ready for adoption soon. If interested in adopting her please email

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