Friday, June 10, 2016

Meet Alice!

Meet Alice. A 4+ year old Boston Terrier. Alice’s prior life was not a good one. She was kept in a crate to produce puppies and where drugs were abundant. Fortunately, she was rescued and came to us. Her past has had a big effect on her. She has come a long way since coming to us. She now has a glisten in her eye that wasn't there when she came to us.
She loves other dogs and often instigates play with her foster brothers. She is quite timid around people. She loves to follow her foster mom around and lay on the bed with her and the other foster dogs. She will let her foster mom scratch her head and back. She especially likes her rear haunches scratched.
She is not a cuddler (yet) but likes to be where you are. However, she is very scared of being picked up and quick movements. She will allow you to pick her up after much coaxing and reassurance. She has never growled or bit because of her fearfulness but instead will cower. Her crate is a safe zone to her. It is always available to her. She does like to sleep there and will retreat there when uncertain of things. However, she will often jump up on the couch or lay on a dog bed to sleep as well. She is very afraid of a leash. We have been working slowly with her on this in the safety of the fenced in backyard of her foster moms. She will wear a harness now and will drag a leash with her but once the leash is picked up she will freeze. With some coaxing (with treats) she is beginning to take a few steps with the leash being held by her foster mom. She is also starting to play with toys. She loves to chew on antlers and can occasionally be caught trying to sneak the rug out of the bathroom while she keeps a close eye on you to see if you are going to catch her doing it. She is learning that being a dog is so much fun!
She is a very sweet girl with all the great Boston Terrier traits. Her little snores reassure you that she is sleeping well. She does possess the typical Boston Terrier gas. 😊 She is so happy to get up in the morning and so happy to see you. She bounces around like a little goat when she comes out of her crate in the morning, when you come from another room and when you come home.
We have had Alice completely vetted. She is heartworm negative and on preventative. She is on flea/tick preventative, up to date on all vaccines, dewormed, spayed, microchipped and will be receiving a dental in a couple of weeks.
Potential inquiries: Because of Alice’s little idiosyncrasies we prefer an escape proof fenced in yard because of her timidness towards people and her fear of a leash or tie out. She also needs another friendly canine sibling. If you are interested please email us at for additional information.


  1. im looking to adpot a shit tze if you have please call me 15072203803

  2. I filled out a application,in there I said I was interested in Albert and still am. But I stumbled upon Alice here and she is more of what I am looking for. I have a very friendly dog too, who would love a sister.

    1. Alice has already been adopted as this post was from June 2016. Please go to to complete an application if you are interested in adopting a dog if you haven't already. Thank you for your interest!