Friday, June 10, 2016

Meet Alice!

Meet Alice. A 4+ year old Boston Terrier. Alice’s prior life was not a good one. She was kept in a crate to produce puppies and where drugs were abundant. Fortunately, she was rescued and came to us. Her past has had a big effect on her. She has come a long way since coming to us. She now has a glisten in her eye that wasn't there when she came to us.
She loves other dogs and often instigates play with her foster brothers. She is quite timid around people. She loves to follow her foster mom around and lay on the bed with her and the other foster dogs. She will let her foster mom scratch her head and back. She especially likes her rear haunches scratched.
She is not a cuddler (yet) but likes to be where you are. However, she is very scared of being picked up and quick movements. She will allow you to pick her up after much coaxing and reassurance. She has never growled or bit because of her fearfulness but instead will cower. Her crate is a safe zone to her. It is always available to her. She does like to sleep there and will retreat there when uncertain of things. However, she will often jump up on the couch or lay on a dog bed to sleep as well. She is very afraid of a leash. We have been working slowly with her on this in the safety of the fenced in backyard of her foster moms. She will wear a harness now and will drag a leash with her but once the leash is picked up she will freeze. With some coaxing (with treats) she is beginning to take a few steps with the leash being held by her foster mom. She is also starting to play with toys. She loves to chew on antlers and can occasionally be caught trying to sneak the rug out of the bathroom while she keeps a close eye on you to see if you are going to catch her doing it. She is learning that being a dog is so much fun!
She is a very sweet girl with all the great Boston Terrier traits. Her little snores reassure you that she is sleeping well. She does possess the typical Boston Terrier gas. 😊 She is so happy to get up in the morning and so happy to see you. She bounces around like a little goat when she comes out of her crate in the morning, when you come from another room and when you come home.
We have had Alice completely vetted. She is heartworm negative and on preventative. She is on flea/tick preventative, up to date on all vaccines, dewormed, spayed, microchipped and will be receiving a dental in a couple of weeks.
Potential inquiries: Because of Alice’s little idiosyncrasies we prefer an escape proof fenced in yard because of her timidness towards people and her fear of a leash or tie out. She also needs another friendly canine sibling. If you are interested please email us at for additional information.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Introducing Bella!

Our new arrival, Bella, did great meeting kids and strangers at her foster home. Bella is sweet and gentle and we're so happy to have her in rescue. Her previous owner decided rescue was the best option for her and thank goodness! We've had calls come in from people that wanted to adopt her, but changed their mind when we explained that all of our pets are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. They were only interested in her for breeding purposes 😔

This is why we beg people to check into who they plan to rehome their dogs to and always ask a rehoming fee & call the interested person's vet (if they have had pets before a quick call to vet can tell you how well they care for their pets). As a rescue we are here to help citizens as much as we can: if we can't take your unwanted pet we will try to help you coordinate with other rescues that possibly have room. Feel free to contact us with questions because all we want is to ensure your pet's safety and with dog baiting, dog fighting, backyard breeders, and cruel people all around free ads can be truly dangerous for your pet.

Bella will be fully vetted and ready for adoption soon. If interested in adopting her please email

Welcome Woody!

Please welcome out newest rescue, Woody! This little guy was found wandering near Greenwood Nursery last week and since no one came forward to claim him he's now with us. We have a great foster home lined up and as things turn out we think that his sister was also rescued (by Marshall Pet Rescue) this week as well---which leads us to believe someone dumped these two out in the country. Luckily they were found by animal lovers that cared enough to help them and get them to us...we just hope that others weren't dumped as well :(

As a "welcome to rescue" gesture for Woody can you please SHARE this post so we can hopefully find Woody a great home? He is sweet, about 2 years old, house trained, walks well on a leash, and has been good with kids. He is neutered, vaccinated, heart worm tested, dewormed, and on monthly preventative for fleas/ticks/heartworms. He is ready for a family! Please email for information on meeting him!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kermit Update

Kermit has allergies and takes atopica daily and occasionally has to visit the vet for shots. If not his gums swell and he gets a lesion on his tongue. TAAR covers all medical expenses! He is only ONE, there are many more that require continued medical attention, they are not turned away. He is available for adoption but needs a very special family committed to his lifelong medical needs. Kermit would love any help he can get to cover some of his medical bills and medicines. No donation is too small. Donations of any amount all add up. Thanks!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Oakley Seeking A Home

Oakley is still looking for his furr-ever family.  You can tell he is pretty relaxed now at his foster home and likes to be in charge of the counters. He is taken off the counter so many times a day that I have lost count! A work in progress...this "staying off the counter training".

Oakley would love to see some reassuring comments below that his family is out there somewhere and that you are reading this blog. He can feel the love and enjoys his blogs!

Free App That Donates Money to TAAR!


If you walk , run,  ride your bike or ride horse you could be helping Tracy Area Animal Rescue at the same time! Just download the app and log your mileage ... The more miles logged means a bigger share of the money from each month's sponsor. Please help us earn money for Tracy Area Animal Rescue. Once you have it downloaded simply find Tracy Area Animal Rescue, select it as your animal charity and start your walk or run. It's as simple as that!!!!

Adopt or Sponsor Kermit!!

Kermit is a 3 year old male, but he acts much older. He arrived at our house along with a companion, Shadow. Shadow was a younger male, who has since been adopted.

Kermit was more timid than Shadow. Even though we had been told Kermit was a healthy cat by the party surrendering him, it was obvious he had health issues. His gums were greatly swollen and he had a sore on his tongue. He was missing hair on his ear and paws.

After contacting TAAR, I was able to get him I to our local vet.  They felt he had allergies, and requested his prior records. He had been treated for this condition before.  Initially he was given a steroid injection.  It helped at first, but the swelling returned. At the follow up visit he was given Atopica. It is a liquid medication that must be given to him daily. He really doesn't like it! I've tried giving it to him straight, mixing it in food... yeah, he's too smart for that. 

Lately, I've found the best way to give it to him is if I wrap him in a towel. Then he rockets away from me. He is mad for a few minutes, but then he returns. Atopic helped with the allergies, but caused diarrhea. Ugh! That was treated with probiotics. It has helped some, but he still suffers from loose stools. The allergies have flared up a little with spring. We arrived continuing treatment bit will return for a recheck soon. The hair hasn't returned on his ear. But- it isn't scratched up and bleeding. Occasionally I catch him scratching.  

Kermit was very reserved when he arrived. He wanted no interaction with other cats or dogs and limited contact with humans. He would attack if touched on the hind quarters or tail.  He had a difficult time eating because of his issues. We tried numerous foods. In the end he eats small dry food and things such as chicken and roast easiest.  Over months of handling and feeding, he has started to warm up. Mostly to me. Occasionally he will sit with someone else.  He likes to rub his head on my face in the middle of the night and curl up next to me.  
He also lays on the back of the couch and touches me on the head with his paw.  When I come home for lunch each day, he is laying on the sofa with his head on a pillow. Kermit still growls at the dogs if they get to close and doesn't spend a lot of time with the other cats.  I am able to pet him on his tail and hind quarters. No one else is brave enough to try. 

Kermit will continue to need long term care. Possibly new treatments. Someone once asked about his quality of life. I believe he is enjoying life. If treatment hadn't worked, his quality of life would be poor. He still has good days and bad, but he gets up each day. He still wants to cuddle when the alarm clock goes off. This is a huge difference from when he arrived. 

If someone wanted to adopt him, it would be a large commitment. Until that day we will continue to care for him. He really does grow on you!

If you are interested in providing the special home that Kermit needs and wish to adopt Kermit, please contact TAAR.  Kermit could really use some sponsors to pay for his medical care too.  Please consider making a donation to help us all continue to carry out our mission of helping cats like Kermit.  

Displaying 20160511_194023_resized.jpg
Displaying 20160511_194023_resized.jpg

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hi everyone!!  Welcome to Tracy Area Animal Rescue's (TAAR) new blog site.  Please be sure to visit this blog often and subscribe to updates.  We have many animals posted on here looking for sponsors to help defray some of the costs of taking care of them, including food and medical costs.  Some of the cats that live with fosters are considered Forever Fosters because they are either too shy to be adopted or they may have some type of behavioral history.  Some of our foster animals are considered Hospice Fosters because they have medical conditions and will remain with their current fosters and get the best care we can give them.  We are a small rescue group in southwest Minnesota and are in need of donations and additional fosters.  If you are able to donate, please visit the following link to learn how:

If you are interested in adopting, fostering or volunteering for TAAR, please follow this link and complete the appropriate form:


Lovey is an orphan female kitten that has been with us for almost a year. She is super sweet and loving. She'd love to be a house cat!

Little Cuteness

Little Cuteness is female. She is a very sweet and gentle cat. Little Cuteness is somewhat timid and prefers to relax in the woods now that it's nice out. She came to us as an "teen" kitten that was never adopted.


Rory and his brother Mac (after Rory McIlroy the golfer) were found as kittens at the golf course with no mother in sight. There was nowhere for them to go so they ended up here. They are the most loving and sweet boys. We'd love food sponsors or vaccine sponsors for these two!


Fritz is an orange and white male who came to us from a Mankato rescue due to being too feisty to be adopted. He did not do well in a home environment and would bite adopters. Fortunately he has thrived as an outdoor cat and we see only mostly good behavior from him! His back story is that his owner was in the military and brought him all the way back from Germany, sadly, he was surrendered due to his behavioral issues after arriving stateside. He's doing great here and loves to sit on our laps and especially enjoys campfires. We are looking for a sponsor for Fritz to cover the cost of yearly medical care and food.

Speed Buggy

Speed Buggy is one of the oldest and longest residents at 15 years old. She is very sweet and loves to ride on your shoulders whenever we let her (winter time it's allowed, summer not so much!)

Flip and Uncle

Flip (gray with flipped ears) and Uncle (gray on right) are two of our old boys. Flip came to us as a stray that had been caught in Balaton. His ears are mostly frozen off from his time as a stray. Uncle came to us from a farm when he was ill.


Shorty is one of our more difficult rescues. He had fallen in a sewer pipe in Balaton and through some quick thinking was able to be rescued after he climbed 10 feet up a pipe wrapped in a sheet into the arms of his rescuer. He is about 1 year old and very smart and sweet. He would love a sponsor!

Introducing Mickey!

Introducing Mickey!! Mickey is a male mini aussie who came to TAAR as an owner surrender 2 years ago. Mickey was a retired breeding dog and his years in a mill have taken a toll on him physically and mentally. When he first came here we couldn't touch him without him urinating/defecating all over himself. We tried working on leashing him (that was a BIG failure) and tried different techniques to socialize him. Ultimately what has worked is that we just let Mickey be himself! Gradually he got used to us being around and he seems to enjoy our company now (even though he's not sure if he likes being pet, he doesn't have accidents anymore when we pet him and he even closes his eyes and seems to enjoy being brushed or scratched behind the ears). He follows his foster dad around the yard and loves being around the other dogs. Progress is slow but we know he's happy now and that's all that matters! Mickey recently had a dental cleaning because his teeth were so awful and hurting him. He had a few pulled and now they are pearly white.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Oakley the Great!

Introducing Oakley!  Oakley is ready to be adopted.  He is a male cat who is estimated to be about 4 years old.  Unfortunately, Oakley landed in a shelter on a owner surrender and no information was shared. Because of this, no one was interested in adopting him and he was sadly scheduled to be euthanized.  His fate changed when TAAR stepped in. Oakley is an absolute gentleman. He loves attention and gives plenty of attention in return. Oakley is litter box trained, likes to talk to you a bit when he is getting some love or food, and has very soft, silky fur. He loves being brushed and his belly rubs! As Oakley's foster mom, I can't say enough great things about it.  He is a one-of-a-kind, cat with personality!  Are you his forever indoor home?